Converting Video Without Fuze Connected?

First off I’d like to thank SanDisk for the forum.  Great to have a place like this. 

Now my question.  I downloaded the media converter, and after reading the help files, supposedly you don’t have to have the mp3 player connected to the computer to convert video files.  But the program encoding button won’t be active unless the Fuze is connected.

Am I missing something?  

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That’s right. Fuze must be connected because the conversion software also automatically loads the video right after conversion.

I was also under the impression that MediaConverter would do be able to do the conversion without downloading the file to Fuze. It would leave the converted file in a folder on the PC. But I was not able to get it work that way. :frowning: Also, I’ve tried to convert files by using another video conversion program such as MediaCoder but I could not create an AVI file that would be recognized by Sansa. Analysis of converted files by MediaCoder indicates to a Video Codec of DX50  which I could not find a way to specify (yet!). It may not a big deal for PC users (apart from the converter program sometimes hangs at the end of the conversion) but for Linux users who would like to use Sansa along with external uSD card, this is rather limiting. Has anyone successfully used an external conversion program to create Video files for Sansa Fuze? Your experience is greatly appreciated!

The old version of SMC (3 or 4 builds ago maybe) would do the conversion with out the player (It did not work well as I recall). If you have Any-Video-Converter (Free), or WinAvi (Costs $$), you dont actually need SMC, Just an FYI

ConversionBox: What video codec are you using with Any-Video-Converter?

I dont Actually use it. I am a videographer on the side (my 3rd job) I have Adobe Premire Pro video editing software which will actual;y sync to my fuze if I want it to. But normally I use that to convert to mpeg and then use SMC

On some other thread I was reference to DivX 5 codec. MediaCoder indicates that SMC converted AVI files are encoded using DX50. This is probably a shorthand to mean DivX 5 codec. Does anyone have a full list of video codecs that Sansa Fuze supports of is this the one and only codec?

use the search feature on the board. Somebody posted it but I didnt save it.

I do not see this is clearly addressed by Sandisk…There is no offical and comprehensive list of Video formats supported (without using SMC) by Sansa Fuze as far as I can see. We can all look at SMC generated files which are DivX 5.0 based but encoder for this format is not free. It’s hard to understand why Sandisk is not forthcoming…

If you look a little through this forum, you find it.

The official version is: at the moment you need to use SMC in any case. Don’t look at it as “video formats supported”. At the moment its more like a “vendor specific format” (with the additional feature, that you can view those files in a normal pc media player). They are working on a firmware update that will make it possible to use other conversion programs.

The non-official version is: Exactly reproducing the settings of the files the SMC outputs works in some programs.  Some (or all?) were named in this thread.

I don’t use video at the moment, because its so painful. I wait for the next firmware release and hope it solves the problem.