Video converting with Nero?

Hi people, is it possible to convert videos for the fuze with Nero Recode? Is there a predefined settings profile or something? Because I know there is one for Ipod and PSP.

You have to use the Sansa Media Converter. You may have to use another coverter program, like your Nero Recode first, to convert the format to one that the SMC will convert, but you will untimately have to use the SMC as the final step. It converts and transfers it to the player at the same time.

That’s really a shame … well but thanks for the tip. As from now (I got my Fuze for 2 days now) I really like it, but SMC is a pain in the ***. Just gives me error messages and won’t convert.
Will make some screenshots and report the bugs later here. 


you can use anything that creates a DIVX version 5.0 avi

SMC stil “converts” it

but once its in DX50 format, you can copy it straight over

i found this out by using gspot on failed conversions in my temp folder

Good tip, I found some info on the net: DX50 should be the same as the DivX 5.02 codec.

Will give it a try tonight. Stay tuned.