Converting Video With Sansa Media Converter

Hi, i’m Kevin, from Argentina, and I have a Black 2GB Sansa Fuze. I’m very surprised on the quality of the LCD screen, so i have converted and uploaded some videos.

The problem is, that certain videos, stuck at x% and i have to CANCEL te convertion. Other videos are converted succesfully, but when I go to “Videos” and play the converted video, shows at the screen that the format is not suported… Then I ask WHY?? The SANSA MEDIA CONVERTER converted de video JUST for my sansa fuze, why is corrupted!!

Some other videos can’t be converted by Sansa Media Converter, it says “Filetype not suported” or something like that.

Well… i’ve heard about some software to convert the videos, but i don’t know wich format could be OK… AVI format ?

And… can I share the videos with thumbnails for sansa fuze, so you can upload it to your fuze? Or it’s illegal?

Greetings for Argentina

And sorry for my bad english =P