Control volume using firmware?


My volume button broke and now my volume is stuck at the highest setting, making my clip too loud to be used.  To allleviate that, I lowered all the equalizer settings down to the lowest level and chose Normal volume.  Now I can listen to it, but only at loud places.

Is there anyway to reset the settings so that volume goes back to normal?  Or is there a way to control the volume through my computer?


Don’t know any way to do that, but you might get some headphones with an in-line volume control, or I believe there are some (jumper) cables with in-line volume control you can plug in between the headphones and player. Check Radio Shack; they probably have something like that.

I use a Radio Shack and/or Koss “volume cable” between my player and headphones, and it works great–making it the easiest way to change volume on-the-go.  And, it adds some extra length to your phones’ cable, if that’s desired. The Radio Shack version is around $10; the Koss around $7.50 on  Shure also manufactures a version.