Low Volume

Hi there

How can I setup the volume LEVEL? IN FULL VOLUME IS STILL TO LOW

I would update to the latest firmware if you already haven’t. I would also check to see if you haven’t set the volume limit to ‘normal’. There is a setting that will allow you to change the volume limit from ‘normal’ to ‘high’

Did you read the 5th sticky post down from the top of the page entitled No More high Setting in Music Volume?

Did you read the 5th sticky post/thread down from the top of the page entitled No More High Setting in Music Volume?

If you are in the EU or installed the firmware using the EU as the region, you don’t have a High volume option under settings, due to EU governmental restrictions on volume. 

The solution:  reinstall the firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum) and choose another region, such as Rest of the world, and then go to the player’s settings under volume and choose high volume.  Or, just choose Reset factory settings under the Clip and likewise choose a region other than the EU. 

You can substantially increase the volume of Clip+ by tinkrting with the (Custom) settings of the Clip Equalizer – perhaps by boosting the mid tones.  Careful – too much volume might lead to distortion.