Volume settings

Hi, bought aClip+ for my daughter today, she is dissapointed due to low volume level.

I can´t find VOLUME under the “system settings” menue. Can not choose high or normal volume, but it is described in the manual.

Please give me some advise how to find it.

OOOps, found the solution in previous questions, thank you! daughter happy to  have the opportunity to ruin her ears!

_ Yeah, Baby! _

_ Rock On! _



I have a new 4gb Clip+ which has a weird volume problem:
The volume works fine with songs, however with the radio, it cannot go to the same low volume level it does with songs,

ie I can raise the volume to a loud level, but it won’t lower past a mid-point level, even though the indicator shows it is ‘lower’. If I continue to press it, it goes into the ‘mute’ level, like it does with the music setting.

This must be a software problem (version v.01.02.09A). How do I correct this? Thanks