volume control for Sansa Clip+

Is there any way to adjust the volume beyond the two predetermined choices “normal” and “high”? In a quiet environment, normal seems to work for music, but I have to set it on high for podcasts, and even then it only gets loud enough if I play a little music first. But if I’m oudoors in a moderately noisy environment, such as a street with some traffic noise [not a lot] I can’t hear it at all. I have been using the earphones supplied with the player.

Have you tried adjusting the volume control on the left side of the player?

13 is Up (louder)

14 is Down (softer)

THANK you so much for posting the picture of the Sansa Clip with arrows that pointed to the volume control. I recently purchased the Clip + from QVC.com and I adore it. But I was puzzled by what to do about the volume because the Quick Start Guide notes nothing about how the volume can be changed and many reviews on QVC.com noted that the volume could not be changed which seemed really strange to me. It took me about 20 seconds to Google and find this info. MUCH happier now with the item - although I was already thrilled. What a great thing. Thanks again for posting the solution.

Perhaps helping you and others:  the Clip+ manual, that has this information and lots more.


To get the most from the player, you  should get some better earphones or headphones, as the ones that come with the player aren’t so great. You don’t have to spend plenty though. Even the Sony MDR-E828LP(under $10 on Amazon) or JVC HAS160 headphone(under $15 on amazon) will give a great improvement in sound quality over the included earphones. I also posted a thread on headphones and earphones $20-$50 on the Clip Zip forum.

You can also run your audio files through a program like “MP3 Gain” to increase the volume of them. This is what I do, because I plug my Clip into my DAB radio at work, and need some extra ‘power’ sometimes.