Connection Issue

When I connect my Sandisk to the USB port the screen shows connected but then when I go to My Computer it is not listed as a device?   I tried this on 2 separate computers with the same problem.  Any suggestions?

I’m assuming you just got the Sansa Connect.

Since your Connect is right out of the box, it should have gotten a firmware update downloaded while you were connected via WiFi (listening to Internet Radio). It could take up to 20 minutes to get the update. Did you see any messages stating the Connect was getting a firmware update when you first used Internet Radio? If you did, make sure you reboot completely by holding the power button about 8-10 seconds and then powering up again to load the new firmware. The current firmware version is ZAP

Note:  There were reports that the firmware shipped on the Connect had MTP error recovery problem. Full reboot of the Connect would clear the error. If you hold power button 1-2 seconds the Connect goes into sleep mode which will not clear the error. The current ZAP includes improved MTP error handling which should resolve your problem.