Connect with the PC


I buyed the Sansaclip in the US and I´m lokated in germany.

I cannot install the the Rhapsody Music store , I thought that does not matter.

But now I cannot find the Sansaclip in the Explorer list. Do I need there any further software ?

I use Windows XP …

Thanks in advance


I solved the problem :

  • use another USB cable AND

  • install WMP 11 ( I had version 9 - no chance )


Hey, I’m also in Germany and can’t connect to my computer.
What usb-cable did you use??
I also speak german.

Hi there,

You should also check if you plug your cable deep enough into the usb port.  Sometimes, it seems like you’ve plugged the device but if the usb are not plugged in properly, then there will be no connection.

How do I change the MTP modus to MSC modus???
and How can I tell the computer that I want to disconnect the device??

You’d have to get the latest firmware 18.A. Thats the only way the clip will work as a MSC device.

Before you install the firmware update you can force the MSC mode by:

  1. Slide the power switch to the “Hold” position with the Clip off and,
  2. Press and hold the center button while you attach the Clip to your computer.

A new option “USB” will be added by the firmware update which lets you choose the mode so this trick is no longer needed.

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If you want to disconnect the device, just unplug it from your PC.  It’s quick and painless, don’t have to do anything special. 

In the MSC mode disconnect it like you would any flash drive. Click on the green arrow tray icon and select “stop USB drive xx.” Remove the Clip after the “Okay to remove” sign appears.

I think KMC2005 refers to the MTP mode when you can unplug the Clip as long as no data is being transferred.