Computer won't recognize Clip Sport Plus

I have been working on this for a couple of days. None of the solutions found on the internet – that I can understand and complete – has worked.

 Player is version 2.13B01 Purchased a year ago.

Dell Laptop Win10 w/ WMP12

I was on an online chat (that was later disconnected) where the tech updated all the drivers.

I loaded music on a XP desktop a few months ago. Used it a couple times.

Our new Windows 10 laptop, however, doesn’t recognize the player. No computer I have tried does. So I went back to the th old XP computer; it now no longer reconizes it.

So, I have tried three Win10 computers and one XP. Also tried multiple USB ports on the desktops and the micro USB? ports with adapter cables on the laptop. Tried different cables on the laptop, too. 

I’m to the point now where I think the player has failed. I paid something like $35 for it, but I’d like to get the music off it.

Thanks in advance, 


have you check the player in disk management?

if you can 't see the player there, then, the player either has too many bad sectors or is physically damaged. The computer will stop reading the player. You need to send it to a local data recovery service if you have important files on it. But usually, it would be costly.

this link may be helpful:

Make sure to use the Usb cable that came with the player(or equvivalent).

Many cables for gadgets like power banks etc. looks identical but only have connectors for charging and are missing the connectors for data transferring.