Completely Unresponsive Sansa Clip

I just bought a Sansa Clip 8gb two days ago, and today I finally had the time and access to put music onto it. I installed Windows Media Player 11, synced my music, made sure that it was fully charged, and decided to go out for a run. I was listening to a song on repeat (It had played all the way through many times so far) when it suddenly stopped playing mid-song after about fourty minutes. The menu/screen won’t appear, keys won’t light up, and I can’t reset regardless of how long I hold it in the upward position. If I connect it to my computer, it’s not read (nothing shows up on My Computer)… in any of the USB ports. It’s not read on the other Windows XP computer in this house, either. I’ve tried to install the Sansa Updater but it won’t install as the Clip is not being regonized by my computer. I’ve tried holding the power button up for 20+ seconds, locking it, and holding the main select key while inserting the USB cable to no avail. Curiously, it’s still running as far as I can tell because when you connect/disconnect the headphones you can hear the static “ruffle” you would from an audio device in use. I can’t return or exchange it to Wal-Mart because I left the receipt in another state, and I’d really rather not send it to the manufacturer at my own expense considering their promise to deliver a product “free from material defects in design”. If anyone could help me trouble-shoot my way into a working mp3 player, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Sorry to double post, but I’d really appreciate it if someone could try throwing some ideas out onto the table. :slight_smile:

Really can’t think of what else to try.  Perhaps let it run down all the way, and then charge it for a day and see if that revives it?

That was the only thing I could think of, too. I unplugged it at least 18 hours ago, but I can still hear the aformentioned static ruffle noise. As soon as that goes away, I’ll charge it and let you know what happens.

Well, the good news is, you have great battery life!   :wink:

Well, after 40+ hours of isolation, the Clip still makes that static noise. I wonder if it’s because it’s not actually performing any functions but still has a minimal electric current running through it. I’m not sure why any computers no longer detect it, either. Thanks for trying to help Miikerman, I’ll be sure to come bug you again when I get my replacement. :slight_smile:

Dang, I was hoping that this miracle cure might work …  Good luck in getting the replacement!

I’ve been waiting for Wal-Mart to finish digging through their receipts to find mine, and what do you know… after 60+ hours of idleness, the Clip decided to finally die. I could charge it after that and upgrade the firmware. Should work fine now. :slight_smile: I’ll probably still pick up the receipt just in case. :smiley:

Congratulations–that’s great to hear!