ClipZip screen black not powering up

My ClipZip was purchased as a gift last year and played fine, using only MicroSD card music, no downloads. After routinely shutting down last night, I could not power it up again. Using generic charger, ClipZip only showed “Connected” but no charging and the PC couldn’t recognize the drive. Tried all resetting suggestions from this forum. Only thing that worked was pressing the center button and then plugging into USB…sometimes. Then the computer recognized the device and showed all the Sansa folders, but still not charging or playing. I formatted the device, reloaded all folders and files including “MTABLE”, RES_INFO", “version.sdk” (“SYS_CONF” not deleted) and still nothing.

What can I try next?

Correction: Using generic charger, player could not recognize mounted SD card and didn’t recharge. Using USB port, ClipZip only showed “Connected.”

You might also try reapplying the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of this forum for the download and instructions)–computer code can become corrupted.