Won't switch on or mount


I’ve just bought a Clip Zip and it was working fine until I copied an Ogg Vorbis file to it (one I downloaded from the BBC web site in Flash format and transcoded with VLC). Now it either won’t switch on at all or it gets to the ‘refreshing media’ stage and freezes indefinitely. The device won’t mount in Windows or OS X so I can’t delete the file through the OS or the player’s own file system.

Not a great start at all. Can someone suggest a solution please? Thanks.

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Try connecting in force MSC mode. 

  1. Press and hold the power button for about 15 sec to reset the player. relese the power button and do not try turning it on

  2. press and hold the center select button and connect it to the computer

Hopefully this will let you mount it in MSC mode. if the files were added in MTP mode you will not be able to see them so you will need to format the Sansa. Bit of a pain but hopefully you can at least recover the Zip. 

Thanks very much for the reply. That’s allowed me to access the internal memory through my Mac. Then I was told, “Not enough space for the music DB. Please free 200mb” even though I was using less than 1GB of the available 4GB.

Well whatever, I deleted everything and formatted the player. My next problem is how to charge it - I can have it connected to my computer directly or via a hub for hours and it never seems to charge beyond 55% battery power.

make sure the computer is not entering sleep or hibernation. this will cut the power to the USB ports. 

Also, is the battery icon on the player’s screen full? It sounds like you are getting the battery charge percentage from the player’s System information screen–in the past, at least, sometimes the Clip player battery charge percentages do not reflect reality and the battery actually has been fully charged.

No, the computer wasn’t going into hibernation as I was using it at the time. 

The battery charge indicator reflects the percentage of life left in the battery found under the info menu i.e. it looks about half full. When I connect the player, the indicator runs through it’s capacity filling animation as expected. Today I checked the info menu and it reported that the charge stood at 67% which is an improvement, but I’d expect it to be full after so many hours left on charge.

Yes, it would make sense that the indicator isn’t accurate. The only way to test that I suppose would be to keep using it and time the life I get out of it.