Clip Zip screen wldnt show :((

Hi all, 

i just bought my clip zip less than a mth ago.

Now the screen wldnt show up. i charged it the night before (not overnight), didnt touched it until this morning when the screen wont show anything. 

I tried resetting it, it wont work. i connect it to my pc, it is still detectable and i can access all the files i have inside. Then i tried updating the firmware and it still doesnt work.

Can anbody pls help me, thank you… 

I wonder if it’s a screen defect issue, with the player needing to be replaced under warranty?  You can contact SanDisk for a warranty replacement.

A normal reset procedure (holding the power button down) normally takes anywhere from 10-30 seconds. However, we have heard from others who didn’t have success until a minute (or slightly more) has passed. You might try this.

Remember after holding the power button down for the extended time period, release it then press it again momentarily to start it up. With any luck, it will start up normally.