Screen issue

Okay. Here’s hoping you fine folks can help me out here!

In December, I purchased a Clip Zip shortly before I went on a trip. During the trip, the screen was shattered and SanDisk kindly replaced the whole thing for me (they said it was a one-time curteousy replacement, which is more than I expected of them actually!) This new one has been working fine until this past week when the screen has started to fade on me intermittently. No, it’s not going into power saving mode - I know the difference. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use it every day in my car and what I’ve noticed is that if I drop it into the cup holder, the color will turn all yellowish or the whole screen will get very dark. When this first started happening, I reformatted it and restored it to factory settings with no change to the screen, BUT if I drop it into the cup holder again everything will light back up like normal.

Any idea what the problem might be? And is there any way I can fix this without sending it back into them? Even though I’ve had this one for less than a year, I don’t know if they’ve decided my warranty was voided with the replacement and I’m not in any position to get a new one at this time. I love this little thing and I’d really like to keep it if I could! It works great aside from the screen issue…

If reapplying the firmware has not helped, likely a hardware issue that cannt be fixed.  I’d contact SanDisk and try for a warranty replacement (it can’t hurt to ask!).