Clip Zip audiobook album order

I am unable to get a multiple CD audiobook to sort correctly on my Clip Zip, and I can’t seem to find any simple solutions on the forum.  I did find some workarounds, but this seems like a simple problem that either entails me overlooking something or needs to be corrected software-wise.

Sort order on the player looks like this for, eg., CDs 2, 3, and 4.






Obviously the player is sorting by the last digit instead of the first.  (Same result if I have tags and filenames with a space before and after the dash like this “04 - 01”.

My CDs are arranged in folders 01 - 13.  The filenames are 01-01, 01-02, 01-03, and so on.  Mp3 tags look like this:

Title: 02-01

Artist: David McCullough

Album: John Adams

Genre: Audiobook

Disc #: 02

Track #: 01

I’ve tried transferring with MediaMonkey.  I’ve also tried by copy/paste with subfolders by album–“01”, “02”…–under the “John Adams” folder.  And I’ve also tried just using Album folders–“01”, “02”…

I think I’ve done up the filenames and tags logically, but obvious the player doesn’t see it this way.  Is there something I’m missing?  Is the software illogical or am I?  :)  Thanks.

The player sorts by track numbers within an album. If there are less than 100 tracks on each disk, and less than 100 discs in the series, you could have the first disc first track have the track number 0101, first disk track 2 as 0102, second disk first track as 0201, second disk track 2 as 0202 and so on.

Thanks JK98.  That makes sense.

I just renamed each album to John Adams 01, John Adams 02…  But your way makes things more seamless and tidier, keeping it all in one folder.

While these solutions work, I think it would make more sense for the player to look at Album, Album #, and finally track #.  Seems like that would make things simpler on the user without them having to figure out the logic of the player.  But maybe that’s not the case; perhaps those who are used to SanDisk products already know how the player sorts and do everything accordingly.  Not a hard adjustment to make, just got to know the info.  (Maybe that info was in the manual…)  :)

I had a clip + for 2 yrs and loved it. But the clip broke and it feel in toilet…taps… Had to go to best buy and get another one). All I had to do with the + after converting audio books to mp3 was make folder with Arthur and then that makes older with names book and then I know that make CD 1 2 3 4 and convert files from each CD into the appropriate folder. Then after conversion, drag onto clip, or it was even faster to take sd card out and hook it Straight to pc.
It always came out on the clip+ exactly the way I named them.
Now it shows up with no file names at all just
Track 1
Track 1
Track 1
Track 2
Track 2
Track 2
The only way I was able to listen to a book was to just put 1 book on the chip and listen to it, delete book, then put another book on.
Meanwhile I hafta wait like 10 min to copy the files then another 5 min to refresh media beforecan listen to another book.
I downloaded the updater onto my pc and I couldn’t open it unless I pay $30 to purch win zip…total rip off
I may just take this thing back to best buy and get another brand
The clip + was perfect. Not broke but they just HAD to fix it with this NEW model. Go figure…

Oh, the one book at a time only worked once. Now the only way to get them to show up and play in order is to go in and rename each track. We’re talking 15 discs with 95 tracks per disc. It would be faster to sit down and read the book. Oh and the book titles didnt show up either.

Suggestions made earlier in your other post.  Please do not double-post . . . you won’t get answers any faster and it simply leads to confusion.

This is an elegant solution, but somewhat onerous if there are 856 total parts, and you are a hand-disabled individual for whom typing is slow and difficult.

I found an automatic renamer, and renamed the files 001-856. When I put it in my player, it showed the original names. I’m assuming your software uses the Metadata as its name source, and I can’t find a similar (Mac) program for renaming metadata.

Currently I am using an mp3 joiner to join all the parts on each disk into one file. This works, but is still more time-consuming than I would like. Do you know of a working auto-renaming-like solution for Mac?

Thanks for your time.