Clip won't show up

Okay, I’ read just about everything on here about what to do and there has been nothing that has worked. I tiried to hold, and pressing center button, and plugging in… nothing. The firmware is pretty old, like version.11A. I’d update, but what’s the point if you can’t send it to the clip. You cannot set the USB mode in this firmware version. So I’m stuck. I can’t return it, unless Sandisk is willing to give me a new one without a receipt or anything. WHat I’m looking for is a simple fix that I can try. I am on Vista with WMP-11. I tried the MTP protocols and can’t find it on the computer. I’m at the end. 

I’m having the same problem with a brand new Clip right out of the box.  Mine isn’t even charging.  I tried all of the suggestions in the FAQ as well.  I tried 3 different computers, all running Windows XP with WMP11.  I sent a note to Support yesterday and am hoping to hear back shortly, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Firmware 11 still has the back door msc mode. 

Unplug the USB cable.

Turn off the player.  Set the Hold switch.  

Press and hold the center button and connect the usb cable to the computer.  Keep holding the button untill the computer installs the driver.

At this point you should see a drive letter assigned to the device.  Next,  format the device and install the latest  firmware.

Not to be rude, but what part of that didn’t work was not clear. It does not work for Vista. You can’t do the hard force into MSC. Thanks, but try reading my post instead of giving a generic response.