Clip won't charge

Clip when plugged in does nothing, doesn’t charge at all, when I unplug it, it then tries to turn on oddly… Plug it in turns off immediately, as in, as soon as the plug touches it, bam off. 

Tried doing all your reset procedures, holding various buttons in various directions and lengths of time, to no avail.

I’ve plugged it in to a laptop, to a cell charger, to my brain… Nothing seems to give it a charge. 

I’ve had it for more than a year, so I’m likely out of luck on this one…


Is this a Clip or Clip+? The older (original) Clip had some battery lead solder connection problems; it could be that.

Well I guess I should say, it does turn on, it just doesn’t charge.  It dies soon after it turns on due to the fact that it has no charge…  As for the reset, I see no evidence that it actually resets ever, it either A: turns on, if powered off, or B: turns off, if already on… Nothing out of the ordinary occurs during that attempt.  But again, it still powers off immediately if a USB cable touches it.  And powers on as soon as said cable is removed, with no additional battery charge, and never displays the usual “connected to pc” or “plugged into the wall” type stuff it would, albeit those aren’t at all the messages it displays, I just don’t remember what they are, as I haven’t seen them in months.


Clip, sorry, you posted as I was posting the additional stuff.

Might be a bad cord.

Solder sounds more likely, I’ve used both an A/C adapter x2 and several different usb cords :frowning: