clip doesn't power up, but connects to PC

I suspect the battery on my clip is dead (and hence my Clip is dead). It was working fine two days ago. Yesterday, it wouldn’t switch on, but when I plug it into USB it works and connects and is recognised by the PC. However, as soon as I disconnect it, it goes blank (usual behaviour is for it to update database for a couple seconds). Thinking the battery was really flat, I left it charging overnight (more than 12 hours) but nothing has changed.

Is there anything left to try, or do I just bin this thing? :frowning:

This is very frustrating 'cos it’s just been a year so the warranty is gone!

I just answered this same issue somewhere; likely, a lead to the internal battery came undone.  You may want to contact SanDisk and see if it can help (this is a known issue); or, you can try to carefully take the Clip apart and reconnect the lead, with solder or conductive epoxy.

I just popped it open, indeed the +ve lead is disconnected. Have to summon my soldering skills from years gone by…


One of the greatest things I heard of recently, to avoid soldering:  conductive epoxy, seemingly readily available.