Clip+ without Radio?

I need a second Clip, not sure if I should buy the Clip+.
Some better info should help me decide:

  1. Will Clip+ models without radio be available ? (I heard the original Clip v1 was available
    without radio circuitry in some european markets.)

  2. Alternatively, with the Clip+, can the radio option still be hidden by renaming the firmware file ?

  3. Where can I download the current firmware file for the Clip+ (01.01.05) ?


Okay, I’ll bite … What is your reason for not wanting the radio?

I heard about a guy on the radio who got flu, maybe that’s why he doesn’t want a radio - dunno

Well, I’d say this: if you don’t use a feature, it can be nice to have the option of turning it off. For example, I’ll never use the “Slot Radio” feature, and it kind of bugs me that I have to click past it every time I page through the main menu – it’s only there as a sort of banner ad built in to the Clip, and (imho) I find it annoying.

Just a personal preference (de gustibus non est disputandum),
mostly because there isn’t a single radio station here worth
listening to …

But seriously, what about the firmware naming options?
The Clip has a/e/f/g/h/m/n/p/s/t (allegedly americas/europe/

For example the ‘a’ option is useful if you bought your Clip in
a european country but want a higher maximum volume. Or if you
bought it in the U.S., you can lower maximum volume by choosing
‘f’ or ‘e’(no radio). Lower maximum volume is of course very
important if you want to give it to a child (and maybe some
parents would want to switch off the radio as well).

So what about the Clip+ ?


There is nowhere to download the firmware for the Clip+. For the simple reason, no firmware update has been released for it yet.