No Radio Fm on my Sansa Clip

I bought a Sansa Clip this month for Xmas.
I test it today, it works fine, but there is a problem with radio FM.
In the Menu I have only :
No Radio FM item on the menu.
That seems like my Sansa Clip have no radio???
I have updated the firmware, now I have 01.01.18E, the last one, and have always the same problem.
Are there Sansa Clip versions without FM or my Sansa Clip is defective?
That seems I’m the only one with this problem, I’ve found no information on this board, on the Manual, on the Sandisk FAQ and on Google.

thanks for your help.

I may be mistaken, but I believe I read someone else write similarly here, for a player purchased in Europe.  Is it possible European versions do not have the radio, and U.S. versions do?

Yes, I’ve found this info on Google for Sansa E200, E260, E270.
Some versions had not the radio activated and it was possible (not always?) to activate it with an other firmware.

But for this new model Sansa Clip, I never heard that some versions have not the FM?
And I’m sure european versions have FM available because some advice on e-shops in France say that FM works well…

For Sansa Clip…you do have firmware that do not allow FM radio and some do…for anyone who has device with E firmware --that’s for European without FM option…If you want FM version…try to upgrade to this firmware:

Ok, thanks for the trick, it works fine.
I’ve updated my firmware but it’s again the same firmware and I have no radio.
But I understand why, this is the e-shop where I bought my Sansa Clip :

You can see now, there is two different versions, one with FM and another without FM.
When I order mine, I did’nt know that and there was only the version without FM on the e-shop, so I thought It was ok anyway for the FM…
I think it’s stupid to sell a version without FM but it’s my fault anyway.
I will send back my Sansa this evening and order another one with FM because it’s a nice product.

For the question on the other thread about differences between firmware A and E, FM frequences are differents in US and Europe.
I read on other forum some people in France have upgrade their Sansa e200 firmware with US version and they don’t receive FM station after that.

Ok…here is another trick that you could try so you don’t have to return your product…when you do download the update file …change the bin file into m300f.bin instead of the m300e.bin…the F version is the one with FM radio so you can enjoy FM radio on your device without having to return and wait for shipment (which is annoying :)) and it should upgrade to F version and you can enjoy your FM

Mmm, ok.
I verified, m300a.bin and m300e.bin are exactly the same files.
So, i can rename m300e.bin => m300f.bin to try…

So do I.
And it’s true, only changing the letter and I have radio FM enable on my Sansa Clip.
FM menu is enable.
But unfortunately, I don’t receive anything, certainely FM hardware missing on the player.
Thanks anyway, I’ll send it back tomorow.

No…the only thing you need to do now is change the FM settings under Settings…the default settings is for America so you go in there to change into World.  Then you need to have your earphone plugged in the earphone port to use it as an antenna and you should be able to receive FM channels unless there aren’t any channels around

yes, I already changed FM settings into world and plugged my earphone but nothings appends.
silent complete…

You did go to the FM Radio and select it, yes?  On the main Menu, there is a Music menu, FM Radio menu, Voice Record menu, and Settings menu.  Just making sure that you are in the FM Radio section or else you won’t be able to hear anything :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m sure.
I did all the settings possible and no reception.
And automatic preselection too.
I’m sure there is no hardware for FM on this version.
thanks anyway!!!

SanDisk does not condone switching firmwares to gain FM Radio capibilities. If it is possible, it would be considered a hack and could possibly render your device inoperable.