clip+ - suddenly no radio option available?

My Clip+ (including the FM radio) has been working just fine for a long time when it decided to die on me.  Happily I found help and was able to revive it and at the same time reinstalled the firmware (I now have v01.02.18E, not sure what it was before, but think it was the same version with an “S” at the end).  Alas! I now seem to have lost my radio option - it simply does not appear on the list.  I have searched all over, but cannot find either the cause or the solution.  Can someone here help me?

If your player was a Clip Zip, I would have answered to go to «settings» / «system settings» / «customize» to activate the «radio» function. But the Clip+ doesn’t have the «customize» option, so what I would do is reinstall the firmware – which should definitively help, as I see it.

Well, re-installing the most up-to-date firmwhare I could find on this forum did not solve my problem.  I still have no radio option. Sorry.

Sorry for you! So how about a less recent firmware? Although now I doubt it will help more. But there’s nothing to lose.

That’s pretty strange–not a problem I remember reading about here before.

Just curious–under Settings, do you still have Radio Options?

Try this: under  Settings/System Settings, go to Restore Factory Settings. Maybe it’s accidentally using some  regional setting that doesn’t have the radio.

Otherwise, yes, reinstall the firmware. If you copy the link into your browser and change the version number, you’ll find the links to  to download earlier firmware too. But I don’t see why the latest one wouldn’t work. I have 1.02.18P and there’s defintely a radio in there.

Thank you all for your help.  I have no Radio option under Settings.  The Clip has now taken to turning itsself off ever so often.  I think it is on its last leg and have ordered a new one.  I am closing this (if I can find out how:-)