Disabling FM Radio for Clip+

Looking to purchase Clip+ players for my kids.  From other posts I see that by updating/changing firmware that it is possible to disable the FM radio.  Just curious, is the firmware without FM radio “old” firmware, without bug fixes and enhancements?  Would we be able to ever upgrade firmware, if needed, without adding the FM radio functionality back in?  Also I see notes indicating that firmware for certain countries doesn’t include FM radio.  Would we be installing firmware intended for another country (OK, I guess as long as English language is supported).  Just trying to understand this before making a purchase.  Thanks for any assistance.

There is one firmware that SanDisk issues, originally and then in updates, that has slightly different capabilities depending on a switch-of-sorts that one can set when installing the firmware on the Clip/Clip±-by changing the letter at the end of the software name before installing it.

Here’s a list of the different resulting variations. 


It’s all entirely safe to do.

By the way, if you’re looking to buy a Clip+ now, you might want to loook at SanDisk’s latest player in the line, the Clip Zip, just released 2 weeks ago.  You can check out the Clip Zip forum here for more information.  The kids, especially, may like the album art that it adds (plus there are other new features, including support for aac files, the iTunes standard). 

Thanks.  I downloaded the Clip+ firmware and v1.02.15 is named clppa.bin.  Your linked thread references a filename m300*.bin.  For the clip+, do the same “switch” letters listed in your linked thread for the m300*.bin file also work for the clppa.bin file, meaning the “a” in clppa.bin stands for “Americas.  Radio, volume high”?   If so, to disable the radio, do I simply rename the “a” to “s”, clpps.bin, for “language prompt, no radio, volume high”? 

Could I alternatively choose “e” (clppe.bin) for “Europe.  No radio, volume normal” to both disable the radio AND limit the volume?  If so, can I still choose English somehow (I ask because the “s” option includes “language prompt” in the description, but the “e” option does not specicially mention language).

Finally, looking thru the various discussion threads, I understand that the *.bin file is the only file that needs to be copied for the installation.  When I downloaded the firmware, the downloaded file included a directory named clppV010215, and 2 files:  clpp_data.dat and clppa.bin.  Ignore the clppV010215 directory and clpp_data.dat file and just copy the clppa.bin (or renamed version) for installation?

Very good question–I believe that’s the case, that the consonant switches work for the clpp*.bin files as well.  But I haven’t used the switches–you may want to post in the anythingbutipod thread to ask/make sure, if someone else here doesn’t know (I wouldn’t want you to end up with a bricked player).  And then post back here.

I assume that the “e” option will ask you for a language in the install process, or that you otherwise will be able to set the language under the player’s settings (but I really think it would be the former–otherwise, what language would be set for Europe?  Esperanto?!?).  But if it does not and you wish to replace the firmware, you simply could reapply the firmware, set with another switch.  Also, note that even if your player firmware has the high volume option, you also will have, under the settings, the ability not to opt for a higher volume (most people prefer to have it and the option).

And yes, as to the non-.bin file–it’s not needed.  Others here may recall its purpose–it may be something for the SlotRadio feature or Rhapsody.