updating firmware for clip and clip+

Hi There

I have an older Clip 4GB firmware v 01.01.29A and a Clip+ 8GB firmware v 01.02.15A. I see that these are outdated versions and new versions are available. I have never updated the firmware so I was reading posts to see how to. Now comes my question; I read that to remove the FM Radio you should ‘drop’ the ‘A’ in the update. I see that the new updates do not have the letter ‘A’ affixed. Does this mean no more FM Radio if I update the firmware for both of the clips? I don’t want to lose the radio.

Thanks in advance for any assistance


I wouldn’t bother with updating the Clip+. There’s very litle that has changed since the .15 version. It’s the one I still use on mine.

No, you won’t lose the FM radio by updating the firmware. You must have been reading some very old posts.