Clip+ update 10218 problem with .flac files ?


I have updated to .18 from .16. Since I have had  problems with some .flac files. The clip freezes and I have to restart again.I have returned to .16 and everything seems all right

Wouldn’t this be better posted in the 01.02.18 firmware thread? There was nothing in the latest release I saw that would be of any benefit to me, so I did not install it. Therefore, I can’t confirm that a problem exists. Maybe others can.

Posting in the firmware thread will alert the folks at Sandisk (and others here) that there is potentionally a problem so they can address it. But in the meantime, I’d suggest back-dating your firmware to the .16 version and testing the same files again, just to eliminate the possibility that there is something about the files themselves that is the problem. :wink:

well… I can confirm it…

the same happened to me and I’m gonna posted in the 10218 thread.