Unable to play FLAC files

PLEASE can someone help me…

I have a Sansa Clip+ with firmware 01.02.18A.

I long to try FLAC files, so downloaded a few free samples from HD Tracks. I added them to my player, and they are now listed under my list of artists etc. But when I try to play them nothing happens, just silence!

I am totally confused with Sandisks firmware instructions, i.e. IS there a newer version? IS firmware V 02.01.35 for MY device? If it is, I have followed the download and install instructions, but it remains on my earlier version 01.02.18A.

I have also read all the forums I can find but nothing seems to do the trick.

Why do I have to have these problems when adverts for my device claim that it WILL play FLAC files?

I am now on the verge of throwing it away and buying something else… or perhaps it’s just me?

Any help would be appreciated.