Clip turns off while charging

Clip is connected to PC in Autodetect USB mode. Firmware 01.01.29f.

My Clip is charging about 4 hours from 0% to 70%-80%, then it turns off. It may be connected to PC all night long, but the battery stays 70%-80%. When I reconect Clip or rightclick on Clip icon in My Computer to see the charging progress, Clip starts charging again and it takes about 3 hours to charge from 70%-80% to 100%.  What is wrong with my Clip?

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It sounds like the PC is not using the high charging capability of USB 2.0.

What version Windows are you using?

What Service Pack does the PC have?

What version Windows Media Player does the PC have?

Unless the PC has Windows XP SP2 and WMP 10, or subsequent, the high power mode wont turn on. The player will charge, but may not charge fully.

The PC hardware needs USB 2.0 ports. If you are using an unpowered hub, plugging your player directly to a USB port might help.

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I’m using Windows XP SP2, WMP10. I do have USB 2.0 with all drivers installed. The Clip is connected directly to USB without Hub.

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Well then …

Do you see the Sansa Clip in My Computer? If not check your Device Manager to see if the driver errored out. If it has, uninstall it and try again.

If you do not use Autodetect, you can remove one variable. I think it best to change your USB Mode to MSC first. If that works, The player is working well.

You can try MTP mode to see if that works. If Autodetect did not work but MSC did, I’ll guess MTP won’t work. 

If nothing else works to charge your player fully, you might exchange it if it is within the store warranty period.