Clip+ time display and power lockout

I bought a Clip+ a couple of weeks ago after accidently smashing the display on my Sansa E260.  I really like this little unit.  It is small, light, has great sound (with some better Sony earphones) and the battery lasts a long time.  I mostly use it while walking or exercising and find the clip is a great way to secure it to clothing with out the need for pockets or armbands like my E260.  After a few days of use I have a couple of suggestions for improvement that I think could be handled in a firmware update.

 The first suggestion I have is for the display to show the time of day.  I don’t like wearing my watch while exercising and it would be convenient.  I enjoyed this on my E260 and miss it now that it is gone.  The time and date are available in the settings menu but that is inconvenient.

  My second suggestion is that a lockout be added for the power button.  Again, on the E200 series there was a slide switch that you could use to keep the unit turned off when not in use.  I have already had the battery run down two times because I put it in my pocket or briefcase and it got turned on accidentally.  There is a lockout for the navigation keys using the Menu button but that only works when the power is on.  Perhaps a combination of power and menu buttons could accomplish what the E200 series did with a slide switch.