Couple of comments on the Clip+

Hi all,

I’ve just been playing around with my Clip+ 8Gb, great stuff coming from a Creative MuVo 256Mb :stuck_out_tongue:

Up to now, I do like it, but I have a few comments:

  1. The volume button ■■■■■, very hard to operate

  2. When you lock the clip+, after a while the screen goes blank, fine. But pressing any button will put on the screen the message about unlocking: this is inconvenient IMHO, would be better if  at least a key would put up the usual screen (song title author etc.).

  3. It would be nice to have the date/time (of the day I mean) displayed in the “main” screen while playing a song. Otherwise I don’t get why I can set the date/time in system settings … or there’s something I’m missing :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree as to the time/date for the main display.  Apart from such a possible use, the date/time setting is used for files from subscription services and the like (Rhapsody, etc.). 

The date and time are used for recordings.  This information is incorporated into the title.  I agree, using the clock would be really cool on the display.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

1.) Agree. Fortunately I use this headphone amp with mine, so I never have to touch the one on the player.

2.) Disagree.

3.) Agree.

@hornetmax wrote:


  1. It would be nice to have the date/time (of the day I mean) displayed in the “main” screen while playing a song. Otherwise I don’t get why I can set the date/time in system settings … or there’s something I’m missing :slight_smile:




If you’re willing to Rockbox the clip+, you can have the date and time showing.  Check out the themes from the link below.

One note of caution, installing rockbox may permanently remove the ability to play DRM files and subscription content, as far as I know.

@Tapeworm: concerning my point 2 (lock screen), I may have expressed it in an unclear manner. I meant the following:

when the clip+ is locked and its screen is off, in order to see the title/artist (which may happen if you fill up the 8Gb with mp3) you have to unlock it first, wait fr the unlock confirmation to disappear, read the info and lock again. Annoying.

I think it would be more useful if, when the clip+ is locked and the screen is off, pressing any key would bring up the default screen (title/artist/time) for a few seconds, and then go back to screen off. Even during the lapse of time when the screen is on, the clip+ would have to stay in locked mode. Said otherwise, you can press a button to see the title/artist, but you can’t do anything else (except unlock with the dedicated button).

I don’t see any drawback with respect to the current behavior: the clip+ stays locked and the screens come on with useful info.

As it is now, the creens come on with somehow less useful info: it’s not realy necessary to be told *every time* that you have to press and hold the button to unlock.

And uh, the headphone amp costs more than the clip+ :slight_smile:

On top it kinda makes the whole thing lass handy (extra box, extra battery, extra cables), even if I don’t doubt it also provide a much better sound quality.

@mags1230 : rockbox, yeah I’ve seen, but i’ts my first week with the clip+, I’d like to avoid screwing it up right away :slight_smile:

On top, it’s unclear if installing rockbox voids the warranty. But I’m sure I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:


Rockbox is a really cool thing if that’s your cup of tea.  Pity, my personal choice for media requires an intact DRM capability, meaning that the UID and secure clock must remain intact.

Tapeworm, do you have to eat all of those Altoids before building the cMoy amplifier?  On that thought, does the price of the amplifier reflect a full, or an empty, Altoids tin?  Do they ship the contents of the tin to you separately, or is there an insanely huge jar of mixed Altoids at JDS Labs?  i wonder what mixed Altoids would be like, it would probably color the flavor of my favorite Wintergreen ones.  Hey, no disrespect to them, I love the wee tins too.  I like having one replete with electronics nestled within, as it reminds me of bygone days.

The little Clip+ has a small battery, and the additional horsepower of the cMoy makes for an enjoyable sound with “thirsty” headphones.  The combination will prolong the playing time with the Clip+ too, as it doesn’t have as much work to do.  This combination is ideal if you use headphones like the fuzzy Grados.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Rockbox installed. It … rocks :smileyvery-happy:


It sure does!  Kudos to the Rockbox devs!