Simple Question! Does it have a clock?

Hello! I am a fan of the original Sansa Clip and Clip+.  Lately, I’ve been thinking of upgrading and saw that a new line was introduced: the Sandisk Clip Sport. This device does look appealing but I am concerned about the clock. Is it displayed anywhere on the device during normal use?

The reason I ask is because checking the current time is quite an arduous task on my Clip+, especially during a physical activity such as jogging. To put it in perspective, one must first exit the music player, then scroll down 4 times to access Settings, scroll down to the second page to locate System Settings, scroll down 5 fields to access Time and Date, and then finally scroll down 5 more times to see the current Hour and Minute. So, I don’t think I can put up with this on my next device.

I really want to see the clock at a glance. I think the Clip Zip has this feature but I am not sure (and not very interested in it). Please give me some good news! Thanks in advance and i look forward to your response!

PS: Mildly interesting fact that my registration and only post was on this same date 6 years ago! What are the odds? :slight_smile:

it does have a date and time but as far as i can tell it is only visable under the settings > system settings menu. 

 There’s  top-level Sport menu, with stopwatches and timers, and it doesn’t have a clock on it?

Boy, Sansa is really going downhill.

Yes, I just bought the sport and love it for the price but the clock feature seems redundant. Would be nice to see it displayed at top but I guess that won’t happen sometime soon.