Settings for Date and Time

I just got my 4Gb Clip+ in the mail yesterday and I am all thumbs.   I see when I go to Settings, System Settings, Date and Time, It reads Dec. 18, 2007, 12:04PM.  What in the world is that all about?  I try to change to the correct date and time but no button seems to work.  What is the point of the Date and Time settings anyway?

I think the date & time can be set automatically when you use programs like Windows Media Player to sync content. I seem to recall something to that effect in WMP’s settings.

Initially I did use WMP to sync but it didn’t change the date and time settings.  Since I originally posted, I have figured out the strange sequence of button clicks to adjust those settings.  You select the line you want to modify.  Hit select again to unhighlight the part giving the month, date, etc.   Then you use the top button to go up or the bottom button to go down.  Then hit select again to confirm and use the top and bottom buttons to go to another line.

The real time clock of the Clip+ is currently used for an automatic time / date stamp on your recordings.

It may be possible to have the time display during normal operation, as it does on other Sansa models, but the limited space of the Clip’s display makes for a tight squeeze.

I wouldn’t mind, a time display would be cool.  My fingers are crossed.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It seems to me, a separate time screen reached via a press of the central button would be ideal.  This also could include a chronograph, which could be useful for workouts, etc. 

Ever notice the key interrupt scheme?  My idea is to take advantage of it.  Play / Pause and volume respond right away.  The center press wakes the device up on the first press.

I would like a cool font large time display on that wakeup press.  To display the clock, there are two possibilities:

  • Have the clock display for a defined period, then revert to active display.
  • Have the clock linger until timeout of the display on one solo press.
  • Have the clock first, then functions on the second press (just as it is currently).
  • Have the clock hidden in the center press rotation, among the other displays, like the spectrum display.
  • There could be a settings option for clock display options, allowing users to choose.

Well, okay, there are more than two possibilities, you got me going.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I would be happy if the manual just precisely documented the key presses needed to execute all functions.  It is pretty frustrating and time consuming to figure it out by trial and error. 

THANKS, BenFranklin!  I was about to drive myself NUTS trying to figure out this gadget! :smileyvery-happy: