Clip Clock

Where o Where is the Clip Clock ?


Such a disappointment to discover the Sansa Clip does not feature a most rudimentary item such as a simple clock…:cry:


Seriously though for the fitness minded a clock would be a basic need. An additional stop watch and countdown timer would be JaCkPoT BoNuS! Obviously, having putting together such a brilliant little mp3 player, the lack of clock, stopwatch and countdown must be nothing more than a simple oversight by the Sansa Clip Team. One that will be expeditiously rectified…one hopes. After all, the main competitors to the Sansa Clip (the Zen Stone Plus and upcoming Zen Krystal) have it.


Before I receive any friendly (or less friendly) suggestions that I should wear a watch or other time piece. I can only say, thank you but I prefer not to when exercising (and at all). The Sansa Clip is an ideal gadget for working out, lightweight, easy to use and a good quality decoder and a handy little clip, this is even marketed as such by Sansa on their website:


Quote: " Perfect for the fitness buff or traveler, the compact Sansa Clip comes with a fashionable clip for wearing anywhere "


Perhaps it is perfect in size and function for the fitness buff, alas it is not perfect in functionality for the fitness buff. A clock / stopwatch / countdown would remedy this shortcoming and give more credence the claim above.



So what would the ideal clock function look like:


1) A large full screen clock display using as much of the blue OLED real estate as possible

Why: To see the time


2) An optional always on small yellow clock display in upper left hand corner

Why: To see the time on every screen (except the full screen clock screen)


3) Optional second counter

Why: It looks cool (to some)


4) Option to flip the x-axis of the display (up side down)

Why: To be able to clip your sansa right side up (think right arm) and still easily read the display


5) Option to have the full screen clock display instead of the “device locked” symbol

Why: Check the time quickly by just pressing a button when the device is locked (brilliant? hell yes!)



So what would the stop watch function look like:


1) Basic stop watch with seconds and milliseconds (Start / Stop/ Reset)

2) Advanced stop watch with split and lap times

3) Show lap start and stop times and interval times



So what would the countdown function look like:


1) Set a countdown time

2) Show countdown as full screen clock including seconds (milliseconds in last minute)

3) Optional tones (audible in headphones, crossmute) for intervals (1 minute or 5 minute) and last 10 second.

4) T minus zero alarm (audible in headphones, crossmute)



Any other clock related suggestions? Please post.







Message Edited by Wulfsdale on 08-10-2008 12:56 AM

Man, I totally agree. I bought the clip specifically for the gym. I would think the home screen can show the clock (with seconds). The stopwatch/countdown can be added later. As long as the time with seconds is shown, I would be very happy.

On the flip side, I’m really happy without a clock, stopwatch etc and if they really wanted to add functionality would prefer added functions related to the music itself (e.g. gapless, folder browsing, saving the go list).  Considering the fact that we’re unsure if there will be any future updates I think the best thing to do, if the clock is an essential feature, would be to buy one of the devices you mentioned that do have the functions you require. 

If no more future updates are in the pipline, or rather no more updates with new features, then it’s time for Sansa to hop onto the open source bandwagen and let the broader community take it to the next level. Open source the firmware or provide a framework for community development…