Clock, Timer, Stopwatch

Since the Clip+ is great for working out, some functions would be very very helpful and should be simple to implement.

  1. A clock display. This could be a separate option, or appearing always during music playback.

  2. Timer, stopwatch, countdown functions. For athletic activities. Including alarm beep. How about doing a 10 minute run on the tredmill and have the Clip+ count and beep for you when the time’s up?

A more advanced funtion would include a lap/interval timer.

(just copy the basic functions of a sports watch)

This should all be possible with simultaneous music playback.


I’ll second that.  The Clip would be an even greater workout aid if it had those things.

Having a built in pedometer would also be nice.

Ditto as to the clock/timer.  Rockbox includes a clock.    :wink: