For the next Clip revision...

I own a Clip+ a few weeks now and I am very happy with it, mostly. If/when Sansa decide to make a successor to the Clip+, here’s some random suggestions:

  1. Longer battery life. It’s been discussed a lot already. I’d like to see a 24hour+ sticker on the box. It would probably mean a lot less than that in actual use, but still better than it is now.

  2. The Clip+ is a great sports player. And can be made a lot better when… the ‘lock’ function is a physical slider, instead of holding the home button.

  3. Similarly, the ‘play’ button needs to be separate+different than the rest. Has a different size/shape/texture to it. You want to be able to find it with your finger only without looking. In fact, that’s a great idea for the previous/next buttons as well. And all the buttons could be a tad bigger, I have small fingers and I still find the buttons small.

To summarize, you should be able to handle the basic operations of the player (play, pause, previous/next track) without having to look. While doing a sport and having the player in your pocket for example.

4)  Said this in another post… basic sports functions would make this a killer device. And unique as well. Clock, timer, alarm, stopwatch, interval timer.

Add the above and I am buying it right now.


-AAC support

  • make the clip removable

  • make the device thinner

  • the screen slightly bigger and the minimum brightness lower (it’s still too bright at night)

and I am buying one and becoming a fan :slight_smile: