clip sport won't download files

I have just bought a new clip sport and downloaded firmware version 1.22. the music files will not upload from PC to the clip sport when I connect to PC windows 7. when I access sport clip on PC while it is connected to PC, it shows the files present. but when I unplug from PC  and go to ‘music’, it shows all music file folders as empty. this is frustrating. if no help soon I will return it. instructions in the quick start guide and on line are too vague and no help. I am trying to download musci files from windows 7, which were ripped from commercial CDS. no problem with my older mp 3 sandisk player, but its battery died.

Go to the folder CARD

Does the ripping software you use create ID3 tags? Like all modern mp3 players, the Clip Sort is a tag-based player. In other words, the track info you see on the player’s screen is not from the file names, but from the information contained within the ID3 tag of the file.

So if your ripping software is not set to create ID3 tags (AND the correct format ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1) the files could be there, but the player is not displaying them to you.

Note also that the Sport’s internal & external (card) memory are not merged as 1 database as in all Sandisk’s other models so you have to navigate to the appropriate location (player or card) to see & play your music.

thanks for reply. The windows 7 media player (HP i7 PC purchased 2011) I have does read ID3 and I guess creates ID3 tags. I cannot find where it says which version I have, even looking at properties in media player menu. So don’t know if I have ID3v2.3 or other and I didn’t see any reference anywhere to the ISO 8859-1 (I don’t know what this is). I did finally get my music moved to the clip sport by using the ‘sync’ function tab in media player. But the 'drag and drop ’ method given at instruction  #4 in the user quick start guide does not work when I try to drag song from media player to the clip sport. Again, this may be due to my ignorance of tech stuff.Thanks again for help. Any other ideas would be appreciated. 

MP3Tag is the standard for Windows users in editing ID3 tags. It’s a free download.