Clip Sport Go Support information page


Capacities: 16GB, 32GB

Firmware Update
SanDisk Clip Sport Go 1.04 Download and Installation Instructions

User Manual

Limited warranty: World wide - 2 years

1. SanDisk Clip Sport Go Overview
2. SanDisk Clip Sport Go battery life and charging
3. SanDisk Clip Sport Go Voice Recording time
4. SanDisk Clip Sport Go loading music
5. SanDisk Clip Go/Sport Plus/Sport/Jam/Voice not recognized on PC
6. Creating M3U Playlists for the Clip Go/Sport Plus/Sport/Jam/Voice

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Audiobook chapter titles are now cut off in 1.04. 1.01 worked. How can we get back to the previous update-- i.e. back to 1.01 from 1.04. 

This problem is affecting my clip sport as well.