Clip sport blank or white screen fix

Am new here, not sure if this has been covered, but if it has I couldn’t find it. Ignore if thats the case.
This would still power on , but came up with just a white/blank screen.
Could see it thru the usb with all its files etc but couldn’t get it to do anything.
All attempts at holding button etc for 20 seconds etc did nothing.
On the unit, at “root” directory had a file called version.sdk, this had it as a clipsport version 1.43.
This was the latest firmware.
Stuck the unit on the usb of the computer and let it charge for a while, then downloaded the (same) sandisk firmware 1.43 called “upgrade.hex”, put it in the root directory.
When you remove the unit off the usb it’s supposed to see the update file and update, then reboot.
This one didn’t, stayed powered off, so held the power button for 20 secs, it then came up with the sandisk logo and did the update, which it said was succesful. It powered off again, so powered it on again and it came up.
When it was up, went to settings and formatted the internal memory (this’ll also wipe all the mp3’s !) then reloaded them.
Currently working, am holding my breath ! (My dear wife does have a habit of jamming in as much as possible on these things, and uses it a lot. Hence the format )