Clip not detected by PC

I have searched thru this forum and tried everything.

Got a Sansa Clip 2BG. Updated the firmware (on a different PC).  

On the PC in question, it does not see the Clip. nor does it show up in Windows Explorer or in the Device Manager.

Also had trouble on a different PC, but after updating Media Player to ver 11 and applying a few more Windows updates, it worked fine.

The OS is XP Home SP3.  As I said, I did update the firmware with the SanDisk firmware updater.  I have tried, MTP, MSC or Autodect USB modes.  All I see on the player  is “connected” … then “disconnected”. I have tried a different cable… same result. Not, this works fine on two other PC’s with identical motherboards.  So it might be something with XP Home (others are using XP Pro) but upgrading to XP Pro seems a bit extreme.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.