Clip Jam Empty Folder Problem

So, I subscribe to 22 different podcasts. I use Gpodder, and it makes a separate folder for each, which is great.

The Clip+ displayed only folders that had files, not empty ones, which was great.

The Jam displays *all* the folders, even the empty ones, which is not great–I wind up opening a lot of empty folders, since I delete files after listening to them. 

In fact, this is a real pain.  I chatted with at tech, who had me upgrade to 1.05 firmware, which did not solve the problem.

Does anyone have a fix for this?


You’ll have to connect it to your computer and delete the empty folders from there.  Unless I’m misunderstanding you there is really no other way around this and never will be.  I’ve had other players in the past where you could delete the file but not the folder.  Most mp3 players are like that.