Clip freezes on "refreshing your media"

i’ve read other threads on the board about this, here’s my Version:

I loaded my 8gb SD card with music, then loaded the mp3 player. Immediately after got the freeze while refreshing.

i was able to reset it but it always froze and locked up again.

Finally I deleted all music from the mp3 player but left it on the SD card and the refresh went through.

However: I need to be able to copy music to my 4gb mp3 player as well as the SD card.

Any suggestions? Thx in advance.

There’s’ something about (or in) one or more of the files you are attempting to copy to the player that it doesn’t like. Corrupted file, bad or wrong format ID3 tag, humongous album art image embedded in tag, etc.

That’s what causes database refresh freeze-ups. Also realize that the player is trying to digest twice (more or less) the amount of data when refreshing both the player’s internal memory and any content on a memory card. Sometimes it can seem like it’s frozen when you don’t see the progress bar moving, but it’s actually working.