Clip does not show in File Explorer

I have the clip set up as a Windows drive. The clip does not show up as a drive anymore. I rebooted the system and used another computer and I still have the problem. The Sansa Updater tool does not recognize the drive.

The clip screen shows that its connected. I hear the USB-connected-sound  everytime I connect or disconnect the device.

Any ideas?

This has happened to me before when Windows assigned the same drive letter to the Clip as already being used by another device. The answer was to go the the Disk Management section of Windows and reassign the Clip to another drive letter.  I’ve been told that Windows does this not infrequently, oddly enough.

It’s not showing in disk management. Are you saying it shows up there without a drive letter?

It’s been awhile since I faced this, and I don’t have a precise memory of how I had to go about it (sorry).  I seem to recall that I was able to go within the Disk Management section and either find my audio player or the other device that I thought was occupying the audio player’s disk drive slot (for me, my audio player took the E drive) and then reassign to another drive.  If I recall correctly, I had to play around abit, as there was a drive invisibility issue (with 2 devices being assigned to the same drive). 

Just a thought, but:  do you have a device that’s occupying the drive that the Clip usually takes?  Can you reassign that device to another drive letter (done in Disk Management)?