Clip + corrupt drive??

Ok I have a 2 gb clip+ and i was messing around with a memory card (using it as a card reader)…well now after that whenever i connect my clip in msc mode the drive shows up alright in my computer…but as soon as i right click it or  copy anything to it or try to format it …windows gets stuck just shows the busy cursor…and i can only see the drive letter in windows …i then have to unplug it try to boot into the player(sometimes it will or it wont)…i formated it through the player but no luck…tried mtp mode too but nothing…any ideas

PS-there is no memory card inserted in the clip

Anyone…really lost without my clip :frowning:

The firmware sounds like it’s messed up.  Don’t know if this will work, but you can try to run an error-check on the player.

With the player in msc mode, try to force a msc connection with the computer – hold down the center button while connecting to the computer.  Right-click on the drive letter for the clip+ in MyComputer, select properties, go to Tools, and  select error-checking.  See if that helps.  Let us know how it goes.

No…that didnt work…as soon as i right click it the comp freezes up…i think i’ll try it in a different computer

Is the memory card still in it? If you haven’t, try pulling it out and see if that makes any difference.


First, check if you can power up the Clip+ and that the device is responding to key presses.  Go to Settings > Info and see that the memory shows as available. 

A handy test is to use a second microSD card that you’ve loaded with a few test tracks.  If the Clip+ memory has been formatted, you won’t have any music to test operation (but you can try the FM radio to at least see if the audio and control sections are OK).

With a few tracks loaded on a microSD card, you can mount the card, and see if the Clip+ begins with the refresh database message, showing that it’s reading the card.

If you have live controls on the device (when unplugged), you can try using the Format function to clear the internal memory (settings > system settings > format > yes), which will purge any corrupted data, then you can reload the device.