Clip+ 8GB Playlist sync over 1000 songs

I have Clip+ 8GB and am attempting to sync a playlist of over 1000 songs, but doesn’t seem to work.  It will go through the sync process but when I go to play the playlist it only shows 1/1000 songs, but missing the 500+ more songs that were in the original playlist.  Is this a CLIP+ issue or a sync issue?  I have latest firmware.



You don’t sync in MSC mode, you sync in MTP mode, MSC is for drag & drop.

I beieve there is a 1000 track playlist limit.

I believe there is a 1000 track playlist limit.

So here is it - halfway through 2014 and we STILL Have a 1000 song limit on M3u playlists. Why? What’s so difficult about letting that be 10,000? Or 100,000? Or if it’s a limit of the number of digits, why not 9999? 1000 just isn’t enoughj. I have a 32G card in my player holding about 4000 songs for now and only about 1500 are my “favorites” and I can’t even run a “favorites” playlist! 

And I HAVE to use m3u playlists. Why? Well, the MTP playlist is impossible to backup. I had 9 different playlists that took me over 30 hours to get together over a 2 year period. One day the player crapped out and I had to reformat. I had all my music ready to copy over but the playlists were EMPTY. Further research revealed that there is no way to back these playlists up. 

Seriously folks. You have a great little player here but why the bizarre issues with managing playlists? Why no simple .pla playlist editor that can read the files on the deviceas they are and allow you to make playlists from there like i can do on an meu playlist in winamp? Why limit the playlist number on m3u to 1000? All I want is to be able to pick 1500 of my favorite songs, make it a playlist, and then back it up. Is this so difficult? 

You do know that this is a user forum…SanDisk may check in once in a while, but it doesn’t seem to happen very often. 

You might email SanDisk customer service and see what they say. 

Then again, 1000 songs x 3 minutes per song  = 3000 minutes or 50 hours.  In real life, do you really need to listen to 50 hours of music playlisted in a specified order?  Couldn’t you make, say, two 500-song playlists and get a night’s sleep in between? Just musing here. 

Have you tried Rockbox?