Clip+ 4Gb - voice recording problem

I am on my second Clip+ 4gb player and this one still has the same annoying problem - audible buzz for exactly 14 seconds when I try to record with built-in voice recorder. I timed it and it is exactly when the LCD screen turns off (in 14 seconds after recording begins) the buzz is gone.

I tried firmware update, recording with no headphones plugged in, playback from the computer, etc. No matter what, the buzz is still there. I assume there is a design screwup – having the screen on introduces hum into the player relectronic circuits.

Any ideas how to beat it (other than wait for 15 seconds to start actual recording - that’s what I have to do and it is a big DUH!! )? And I am on the second Clip+ !!

This is a known issue. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future firmware update.

Does lowering the screen brightness minimize the noise? it is probably a hardware issue, and I doubt a firmware update could fix it. Perhaps some shielding is needed, or the mic needs to be further from the screen?

The Clip+ OLED display is multiplexed, meaning that it strobes the LEDs rather than apply constant current to them.  The Clip+ picks up this electronic noise when recording.

I think it’s a downside of having such a compact assembly.  Two ways to improve performance are to start the device 15 seconds prior to a critical recording, or temporarily set the display time to 5 seconds of you will be doing voice recordings.

Remember, the noise will return in your recording if the display is activated (if you press a button).  For a long recording, setting the display tinme to a short interval might come in handy.

Bob  :wink:

That screen buzz irritates me even when I’m not recording. Even when just scrolling, I’ve got the backlight set to 5 seconds.

What annoys me just as much is that rhythmic ticking sound during recordings. Does anybody else get that?

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