Voice Recording problem

I’ve successfully used the Voice Recording feature before, but when I tried to use it today all my recordings had occasional “skips” in them, where tiny bits of sound were missing, as if a fraction of a second of recorded time had never happened.  I also occasionally (less often) got brief buzzing/clicking noises.  This might not be too much of a problem when recording speech, but it’s highly annoying when recording live music.  Battery is over 75% charged.  Updating the firmware did not help.  I deleted a few of the recordings that I had made, thinking that it might be a capacity issue of some kind, but that didn’t help either.  Anyone have any ideas as to what to try next, or should I just give up and get some other kind of recording equipment?

I don’t use it much. The only thing I noticed was to give it some lead in time before speaking into it. I don’t think the quality is suitable for recording music.

I realize that it’s not intended as a music recorder, but I did get some surprisingly good music recordings out of it before.  The lead time issue isn’t the problem here – I was already allowing for that.  The problems came farther into the recordings.