Bad recording quality

Since the lastest fw update it seems that when I record with my Clip there is a noticably loud hissing noise until about 15-20 secs in before the hissing stops. I didn’t have this problem with the previous update.

I just tried using the voice recorder on my new 8gb Clip and it has the same sound quality problems as my 2gb except this time I get a high-pitched hissing noise which lasts 30secs exactly (except in one case where the hissing cut out at 28secs). Strange that my old one stopped hissing at 15secs in and my new one 30secs in…

Also, should add that I get a constant ‘ticking’ sound in the background in my voice recordings. If this could be fixed in an update then I would be most grateful!


Try the following experiment:

Connect your Clip in MSC mode, open a Windows Explorer window, and note the drive letter of your Clip as assigned.

Open a command window by entering cmd in the Run box: Run > cmd then enter chkdsk e:  where e: is the drive letter assigned.  Note that we’ll not use any toggles on the command.  What we’re looking for is the file cluster allocation size that will list for your Clip.  If it was formatted FAT32 with 4KB cluster size, this may be your issue.  We need 32KB as the optimum.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I tried that and it just told me the following: