8GB Fuze: Bad clipping on voice recorder

Anyone else getting bad clipping effect on voice recordings? It sounds like very loud static.

Is there an adjustment I can make somewhere?

I didn’t get this on my old m240.

I’m on 1.01.07A, I’ll try the upgrade and see if it makes a difference…

 I think the latest firmware also has this problem. the clipping seems to occur with hard attacks of sound. does that seem like its happening to you? a possible alternative is to move the recorder away from the audio source, but than your softs will be even softer.

1.01.11 did not help.

With my Sansa m240, I got used to talking right into it.

The Fuze will work ok if I hold it further away but a little bit of clipping can still happen.

Will probably be fixed in a future firmware… (hopefully)

are other people NOT having this problem? Mine clips horribly even at normal speaking voice held 1.5’ from my face, and I speak softly… if i try to sing into it, again i don’t have a loud voice, it is almost worthless it’s so bad. is mine just bad? idog said 1.01.11 does not help… i don’t really think it’s a firmware issue, i assumed it was a cheap (overly sensitive) mic issue…

It can always be fixed, because if the mic is too sensitive, then they can fix the sensetivity through firmware.

You can always use a cell phone instead until it gets fixed!

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i’m not sure if that’s true…  if the mic is so sensitive that it is cliping at the source (the membrane of the mic is literally being thrown to its limit), I don’t think it can be fixed.  recording mics have spl ratings, above which they themselves will clip.  i could definately be wrong, but this is my understanding.

argh, i know i *could* use my cell, but unfortunately i have a razr and it (for unknown reasons) only holds 5 ten second clips, and i can’t leave myself a voicemail as i could on my old carrier, it goes straight to the prefs menu… 

thanks for the suggestion though.  i need a new phone anyway, this will definately be a stipulation when buying… in the mean time i need to be better about regularly cleaing out those 5 memos…


Oh, that makes sense…

Yeah, my phone can hold lots! I don’t know how else to help you here.

It sounds like the Fuze’s mic is optimized for recording lectures or meetings rather than personal voice notes (which is good for me, but obviously not for everyone). Have you tried holding your thumb or finger over the mic while recording your voice? The mic is the small opening next to the card slot. It’s probably a good idea to cover the card slot too since it’s also a pathway for sound.

The Fuze comes with a wee felt bag, one that doubles as an excellent “pop filter” for voice recording.  It’s also useful as an attenuator for close proximity miking, and for wind issues.

The microphone is an electret capsule, with a diaphragm (plate) under 2mm in diameter.  I believe that the gain is indeed variable, and the processor does have an AGC capability.  I prefer the sound of the e280v2’s recordings, and this device uses the same basic components. The difference may be related to the case mechanicals.

Both devices are quite sensitive, and appear to be optimized for distant (lecture) recording.  I recommend recording dictation from no closer than 12 inches, with a normal speaking voice.  The Sansas record quite a bit of surrounding sound information.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: