Re: Ticking noise while recording

Did this question ever get addressed? I just got a fuze and I have noticed the same sound.

I haven’t seen something related on the forum yet. But I am around for a few weeks only.

You should probably provide some more information if you want to get valuable feedback. Something like

  • what are you trying to record (FM radio or voice)

  • which equipment are you using while recording (anything connected to the Fuze)

  • characteristics of the noise (periodic or not, etc.)

  • recording environment (inhouse or not, etc.)

I’m sorry, I was trying to reply to this thread:

but for some reason it started a new thread.

Don’t worry about the new thread. The reference to the other one is fine. I get an idea about the noise characteristics.

Nevertheless, please try to describe your situation as well and try to answer the questions. We should try to narrow down what is causing you the trouble others don’t have. IMHO the recording quality is surprisingly good for an mp3 player (and I have some experience with professional mobile recorders too). There is no ticking noise at all with my Fuze. By the way, what is the firmware version of your Fuze (see System Settings / Info)?

It is exactly the same situation as described in that thread.

Also, the firmware is V02.02.26A

Well, I called sansa and they said I should exchange it, which I did. However the new one is the same so now I’m assuming that the ticking is just the mike

picking up the working of the machine and thats just the way these are.

I have not noticed this issue, however I wonder if what you are recording is part of the cause… If I set mine next to a speaker Or a live output source, I do get a minor clip (I just tested it) but never had it happen with live voice recording.


Your issue is very unlikely related to the device itself - I never get this when recording voice in some distance from other electrical devices. As Conversionbox pointed out it is rather related to the recording process itself. Try to record a track in a clean environment: take your Fuze, have a walk into the forest or municipal park, start recording the birds and munkeys around and move a few meters away from the Fuze for a while. Is it still there?

Or is it a matter of playback? Did you check your recorded tracks after copying to the computer?

No, it’s definitely related to the device. I’ve tried recording away from all electronic devices, and its still there.Also its on the files when I transfer them to the computer.

Somebody else had the same problem, see