Ticking noise while recording

I intent to use my Fuze a lot for recordings (mostly lectures), so recording quality is important for me.

I tried recording on the one I bought, and I hear a ticking noise (a few ticks a second) and sometimes what seems like electric disturbance if I just record silence. If I recording myself speak, the noise can be heard as well, in the background. No ticking is heard when listening to radio (live or recorded on the player) or music (or lectures recorded on my old c250). I tried three different sets of headphones, including the ones provided in the package. On the ones that came with the package, quality is not as good as with mine, but if you take them partially out of phone jack (which raises the volume), you can hear the ticking.

What’s weird is that the ticking noise is head on both 8 GB Fuze and on 4 GB Fuze which I bought along with it. (Both were bought at Circuit City, if that matters.)

I am not talking about ticking from pushing buttons, moving the players, etc. Nor is it something ticking in the background (a bomb? :), because I tried recording in several rooms, including my quiet bedroom.

I forgot to write that I did a firmware update to the first Fuze (8 GB), and left the second one alone (just unpacked it and recorded 15 sec. of silence on it).

Also, recording on my c250 I don’t get any ticking.

The trick to recording with Fuze is to have the player within around 3 or so feet of the speaker. With Further distances comes more noise. You should also try not to be holding the player or moving it while recording. Place it on a soft surface near the speaker. Don’t place it directly on a wooden desk for example. Place it on a book that is on the desk. Detach the headphones before you start recording.

Well, in this case there is no speaker at all. I am just recording silence — and one can hear ticking sound in the background. I tried placing Fuze on a pile of papers or on a book and then on a soft pouch provided with the phone. I can still hear the ticking sound (also if I transfer the file on my computer, I can hear the sound — so, it’s not the headphones, etc.). The headphones are not connected, and I am not moving the player while recording.

The original firmware version on it (before I upgraded) was V02.O109A. (But even on the Fuze without the upgrade I can also hear the ticking sound.)

Also, tried recording someone’s speech placing the player within 3 feet of him — on the playback, even while he is talking, one can hear ticking noise. Not major, but enough to be heard and draw one’s attention.

I wonder if the mic on the V2 Fuze is different than the mic on the V1. Are both your players V2? I don’t hear the kind of noise you describe. Is the backlight on while you are recording? Perhaps the noise might be from the backlight? Try recording silence again with a very small backlight time and see if the noise stops when the backlight goes off. I noticed that with my V1 Fuze the recordings improved after the upgrade to the.15 firmware.

The backlight is set to minimum time and goes off in the middle of recording. The noise doesn’t really change. I think the other Fuze is also V2.

It’s encouraging that there is no noise on your Fuze. Is there any way to find out from the package alone whether it’s V1 or V2?

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Message Edited by CrawlingAxe on 12-27-2008 11:23 PM

I didn’t say the V1 Fuze records with no noise, but that the noice is not a ticking like sound as you descrive. When the recoder is close to the speaker, the volume on the player doesn’t need to be turned up much, so the noise is barely audible. If the speaker is far away and the volume is boosted, the noise is much more apparant. The Fuze is not a professional recorder. It has its limitations.

Well, I can deal with regular uniform noise. It exists also on my c250. It doesn’t distract if you’re trying to listen back to a lecture or a presentation. Ticking noise does distract.