Voice recording doesn't work very noisy......no record at all

My Sansa has voice recording problems. The FM radio recording works perfectly. However, when I use the mic, the outcome is just a permanent noise. I did the firmware update, everything works and except this. Could someone help me how to deal or solve this problem. Thank you in advance.


Unfortunately due to the fact the hardware mic being a small condenser type that may be hard to fix but what they can fix it the fact they do not compress the recording file from native wav to something about ten times smaller. It is really terrible with so many very good compressions types out there (some free) that they use this form of uncompressed wav. It is sad when I run out of recording room before I run out of battery 10 hrs of recording requires 4 Gb of space it is so annoying to have to convert each file to make it a reasonable size. Common guys this is such an easy fix, just a few hours to add the compression and test it! It makes the recording function sort of mute.